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8 June 2011–29 February 2012

The exquisite exhibition marking the 170th anniversary of the birth of the most celebrated Czech composer, Antonín Dvořák (1841–1904), presents plenty of Dvořák’s music in an unexpectedly interactive form, a number of his compositions and a range of interesting new themes.

In a multimedia form, it guides the visitor through the composer’s life and oeuvre, and displays rare personal items, correspondence and, above all, original scores of the most famous Dvořák compositions. On display too is the autograph of the celebrated Symphony No. 9, From the New World, the most frequently performed symphony in the world.


Modern conception of the exhibition – A fascinating life story

The ten chapters of the exhibition tell the life story of the world-renowned composer. It presents Dvořák as an individualistic, humble, as well as hot-tempered man, a deeply religious Catholic and, last but not least, a loving father. Reminiscences, photographs, a graphological analysis and numerous anecdotes reveal the affections Dvořák had, how he liked to spend his leisure time and what his favourite food was.

The fascinating tale of the journey of an unknown countryside musician to becoming a professional composer is documented on the example of two popular pieces, the Slavonic Dances and the Moravian Duets, which earned Dvořák fame and popularity among the general public and brought him friendship and collaboration with distinguished personalities of his time.

Another interesting theme is Dvořák’s travels and the great farewell concert tour prior to this departure for America. By means of an interactive train, the visitor can perceive Dvořák’s passion for this means of transportation.  

The Rusalka room presents Dvořák as an operatic composer and at the same time affords a unique sensory experience.

Dvořák’s deep religious faith splendidly reflected in a group of sacred works he wrote to be performed in England. His popularity in Britain resulted in his being awarded an honorary doctorate from Cambridge University. Visitors can even try on Dvořák’s graduation gown.

Dvořák’s journey to America is the unexpected culmination of the incredible story of the Czech composer. There he created “From the New World”, the world’s most frequently performed symphony.

When it comes to the reception of Dvořák’s music, the exhibition displays newly acquired documents on the performance of Dvořák’s works in labour camps and elucidates various legends pertaining to Dvořák’s music.

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